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Emergency Volunteer Center (EVC)

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Dates: 3/1/2020 - 12/31/2020

OneOC Emergency Volunteer Center (EVC) The devastating nature of disasters finds us at our most compassionate and spontaneous as we look for ways to be involved in disaster response and recovery. Orange County residents have always been moved to support their local communities in times of need, even showing up on the front lines or in places where victims are being treated – which can be ineffective and dangerous at times. The OneOC EVC program is a program that supports emergency response officials throughout Orange County, by engaging and safely deploying these spontaneous volunteers to respond to critical needs and/or long term recovery. NOTE: TO SEE THE ENTIRE LIST, click on the sentence at the bottom of this paragraph. "TAKE ME TO VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES ASSOCIATED WITH THIS EVENT" OR CLICK ON THE GREY BOX, THAT SAY CLICK HERE.