Organization Profile

211 Orange County

Our Mission at 211OC is dedicated to building an Orange County where… NO ONE IS HOMELESS By building a Coordinated Entry System for the region that offers a single point of entry into the network of services, 211OC will help secure housing for chronically homeless people and help them maintain it. Our goal is to use the system to help link over 100 people who have chronically struggled with homelessness to housing within the first year of operations. NO ONE IS HUNGRY Our trained community wellness and resource navigators help OC residents apply for the CalFresh program. Our goal is that 70% of the households who we help apply successfully receive their benefits annually. EVERYONE IS COUNTED The Point-in-Time count and survey of the homeless population in Orange County is a vital tool for ending homelessness, and helps the county qualify for more than $19,000,000 in federal funding for services to reduce homelessness. Our goal during the next count is to engage more than 700 community members as volunteers in the county, and more than 50 homeless or formerly homeless to guide them. EVERYONE CAN AFFORD A QUALITY LIFE 211OC helps screen residents for eligibility in programs that can save them money, which in turn improves quality of life. Our goal is to link low-income households to free tax-filing services for the Earned Income Tax Credit, help residents enroll in affordable healthcare plans through Covered CA, and help vulnerable, and hard to reach populations enroll in Medi-Cal. VETERANS COME HOME TO THE SUPPORT THEY DESERVE Our Courage to Connect Program will help veterans returning to Orange County transition back into civilian life. To encourage successful transitions and improved connections to services, 211OC is partnering with Volunteers of America of Greater LA, SoCalGas, Sisters of St. Joseph Healthcare Foundation and Orange County Community Foundation to provide over 400 veterans one-on-one care and attention. We have built an online portal in FY 15/16 specifically developed to support veterans and military families and will work to maintain it. WOMEN ARE SAFE Over the next three years, 211OC will build and manage a Central Clearinghouse for Health and Domestic Violence (resources and referrals). The Clearinghouse will include an online comprehensive, searchable database for DV services in OC, with a dedicated webpage; a 24-hour telephone helpline, with multi-lingual, culturally sensitive staff; and facilitated referrals (aka “warm hand-offs”). Together, these components will represent a one-stop, comprehensive, current, and user-friendly Clearinghouse that provides domestic violence survivors and victims easy access to service and referrals. FAMILIES ARE STRONG Alongside its community partners, 211OC will provide information and referral services for the next 5 years at the El Modena Family Resource Center in Orange, serving more than 1,300 clients annually that utilize the local resource. FORMER INMATES CONTRIBUTE TO A HEALTHY VIBRANT COMMUNITY Working in partnership with the Returning Home Foundation and the Orange County Re-entry Partnership – a collaborative of over 30 public and private agencies working to successfully integrate people into Orange County post incarceration – 211OC will educate and connect over 150 currently and formerly incarcerated individuals, their families and service providers to available community resources through our online Re-Entry Portal, conducting outreach and workshops at the jails and working with service providers.

Orange, CA, 92867