Media Contact Information

If you represent the media and would like to obtain volunteer response information, conduct interviews, or film operations at the Emergency Volunteer Center (EVC), please contact our Public Information Officer (PIO) , Amanda Green at

General Guidelines for Interviews and Filming at EVC

Please be aware of the following guidelines:

  • A designated PIO will be on-site at the EVC to facilitate media logistics and requests. Because of the critical importance of accurate information being reported during a disaster, we recommend consulting the PIO where there is uncertainty about any critical information to be reported.
  • The PIO can identify EVC staff and/or volunteers to be interviewed inside the EVC. We ask that interviews are not conducted inside the EVC without getting authorization from EVC management due to the sensitive nature of EVC operations.
  • The PIO can identify government and nonprofit partners, such as Orange County Office of Emergency Management and American Red Cross, to be interviewed inside the EVC.
  • Only authorized media will be allowed to film inside the EVC. Activity of interest may include:
    • Volunteers being interviewed as part of the intake process;
    • Volunteers receiving their volunteer assignment briefing;
    • EVC management giving the situation briefing to a new EVC staff shift
    • EVC management coordinating with government and nonprofit partners (i.e. County Office of Emergency Management; Red Cross)
    • Volunteers working at a nonprofit agency to support disaster-recovery needs (off-site)



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