Volunteering in Disaster

Through our Emergency Volunteer Center (EVC), OneOC is focused on matching volunteers to emergency needs based on your skills, geography and availability, in order to maximize the COVID-19 disaster-recovery impact to the community.

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New to OneOC? Create a volunteer profile. Go to the tab "For Volunteers", the click  "Becoming a Volutneer". Please provide as much detail as possible regarding yourself and preferences, in order to connect you to the appropriate project. Affiliated Volunteers - Individuals who are affiliated with either a governmental agency or NGO and who has been trained for a specific role or function in disaster relief or response during the preparedness phase. 

What to Expect Next

OneOC is currently connecting to community-based organizations in the affected area to determine where volunteer support is needed. We are working in coordination with emergency response officials to identify specific needs, as well as establishing a process for agencies to post and or report their needs to us directly.

Once appropriate disaster-related needs are verified, we will match registered volunteers based on experience, skills, geography, and availability.

OneOC will be in consistent communication with all registered volunteers to keep them updated and let them know when appropriate volunteer opportunities are verified. If you are selected for a volunteer opportunity, we will contact you by phone or email to provide an assignment and briefing.

Please Keep the Following in Mind

  • If you have a cough, fever or have been exposed to someone who has please refrain from volunteering.
  • Any assigned volunteer opportunity will not involve first-responder activity or put volunteers at-risk. Volunteers will be placed safely behind-the-scenes in various capacities to support emergency response officials and or community-based organizations recovering from this disaster.
  • Not every volunteer that registers will be assigned. Volunteer assignments will be made based on identified needs in the community and the ability to address these needs in a safe, organized and effective manner.
  • Assistance will be needed mostly during the recovery period. Volunteers are often most valuable in the days, weeks and months following the disaster.

Please Note...

Do NOT show up on the scene to help in the event of an emergency incident! When volunteers are not expected or properly managed, they may place themselves as well as our first responders in harm’s way.

Volunteers will be needed most during the recovery phase of this pandemic, please check back for new weekly posting.

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